Shipping container storage is spacious, safe and secure. So you can store a variety of items in your unit. In this guide, we’ll look at the dos and don’ts of shipping container storage units, including what you can store and how to store it.  

What can I keep in shipping container self-storage?  

Whatever your storage needs, shipping container storage rental makes sense. You may have too much furniture and crave a minimalist home. Or perhaps you have valuable possessions that require secure storage. Here's what you can typically store in one of our containers:  


When relocating, storing furniture in a shipping container over the short term is a great idea. You may have inherited some older furniture that doesn’t suit your style. Or the kids need somewhere to store their stuff when they’re in and out of student accommodation. In so many situations, a furniture container storage provides a fantastic solution, and a 20ft unit is the ideal size.  

 When storing your furniture, we suggest:

  • Oiling wooden furniture for extra protection 
  • Dismantling larger pieces and storing screws in a labelled Ziploc bag 
  • Using bubble wrap or other padding to prevent scratches

Electronics and appliances  

It can be beneficial to store electronics and appliances during a home or office refurbishment. You could also use your 10ft storage container to safely hold new equipment while you upgrade your space. 

It’s helpful to store electrical items like computers and printers in their original boxes or use plenty of foam and bubble wrap. It’s also wise to label any power cables or plugs to avoid confusion when you unpack. 

Clothes and fabrics  

If you dream of a walk-in wardrobe but don’t have the space, a shipping container storage rental could be the solution. Our units are secure and pest-free, so your clothes and fabrics will stay in perfect condition, and with 24/7 access, you can collect them whenever you like. 

It’s useful to store your items in wardrobe boxes or hanging bags and use plastic or padded hangers. We also suggest packing any woollen items with mothballs. 

Tools and garden furniture  

Love your garden but don’t have room for a shed? A 10ft shipping storage container is a great solution. With plenty of different storage options and access anytime, it's a fantastic way to store your tools and garden furniture over the winter. 

Before adding your tools to your storage container, it’s best to clean and oil them, then store them upright or on racks. Likewise, clean your garden furniture before storing and dismantle tables and stack chairs to optimise space. 

Mirrors, pictures and fragile items 

Things can easily get broken during a move. So why not store your fragile items and move them later when you’re settled in? 

Storage tips: 

  • Wrap in bubble wrap or use special boxes, then store on end, not flat. 
  • Wrap fragile items individually and keep them in boxes with dividers. 
  • Use special tape to mark all boxes FRAGILE. 

We have a selection of packaging materials to help keep your delicate items safe. For more guidance on moving fragile items to your storage unit, take a look at our tips for moving valuables to storage.

Classic cars and other vehicles  

Shipping container car storage is an excellent alternative to using a garage. A 20ft container provides a solid steel shell with weatherproof protection. And our state-of-the-art security means your vehicles are exceptionally well protected in a car storage container. 

Before storing your car, we recommend you:

  • Clean and then wax your vehicle 
  • Change the oil if your car is going into long-term storage
  • Overinflate your tyres to prevent them from developing flat spots
  • Disconnect the battery to avoid acid leaks
  • Drain the petrol tank 

Shipping container storage ideas for business  

Shipping container storage units aren't only for households — they're also a fantastic idea for businesses. Here are a few ways you can utilise them.


Use a safe and secure shipping container to store excess inventory or business stock to help your business stay organised. Our 40ft storage containers offer ample space for this.


A smaller document storage container is ideal for sensitive paperwork. Your business can be legally compliant with round-the-clock access and secure storage. 

Farm equipment

Shipping container self-storage is dry and vermin-free—the perfect place to secure seasonal equipment and dry animal feed. 

Heavy machinery and tools

Shipping container storage is strong and weatherproof, making it an excellent option for construction equipment. Our round-the-clock security and storage options are a great fit for your storage requirements. 

Office furniture

If your office is being refurbished and needs a clean and secure place to keep equipment, try storing furniture in a shipping container. It’s the ideal clean and dry environment to keep everything in tip-top condition. 

What can’t I store in shipping container storage units?  

We’ve looked at what you can store in a shipping unit — as you can see, they’re incredibly versatile. But are there any prohibited items? As a general rule, you won’t be able to store any of the following in your shipping container storage:

  • Hazardous materials that are toxic or flammable, e.g. gas canisters, explosives, fireworks, cans of oil or petrol, solvent-based paints, cleaning solvents and firearms. 
  • Animals or plants 
  • Perishable items
  • Radioactive materials and some chemicals
  • Toxic waste, including asbestos

 To find out more about what items you can keep in our long term storage containers, contact the Bluebox Storage team. 

 Shipping container storage rental from Bluebox Storage  

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