If using self storage as part of a house move or clearance, it’s important to execute a strategy that ensures you don’t injure yourself and possessions are kept in one piece.

Storing White Goods

Having reserved a storage container it’s time to transport the goods. Begin with heavier items such as fridge, freezer and washing machine. These items need to be transported in the upright position and ideally placed around the outside of your removal van for optimum balance. Enlist helpers to carry white goods, or go one step further with an appliance trolley.

Moving Heavy Objects

To avoid injury it’s important to lift and move heavy objects safely. Limiting the weight of boxes is a great place to begin, with under 50 pounds ideal. Ensuring heavy objects are placed towards the bottom put lighter items at the top to keep boxes balanced as evenly as possible. Try where possible to share the lifting and remember, bend those knees and straighten the back!

Hire the Right Van

If your storage plans involve doing the removals yourself, it’s important to hire the right van. To make the process as straightforward as possible, ensure a vehicle with a tail lift. When moving heavy objects and white goods, the last thing you need is to lug items from the floor to a height. Not only could this result in injury, it’s going to tire you out quickly whilst adding time to the journey. Think smart!

Use the right Size Boxes

When packing boxes, it’s important to remember you’ll be lifting these later. For heavy items, choose small boxes that can be lifted with ease once full. Save larger boxes for pillows, bed sheets and towels. Doing it this way means you’ll avoid injury whilst ensuring boxes remain intact.

Consider Fragile Items

This likely goes without saying but when it comes to fragility a strategy is required. Start with what you’ve got in the way of linens and towels, wrapping these securely whilst tightly packing in a box. From here, move onto quality bubble wrap for best results. Do this properly in the first instance to avoid nasty surprises later down the line.

It’s Time to Pack the Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, a large part of it includes crockery, glassware and dishes. Remember to use small – medium sized boxes that are easy to lift when the time comes. Here’s our handy guide to the ‘perfect pack’:

  • Cover plates with bubble wrap, placing item on its side in the box
  • Use a sheet of bubble wrap in-between each plate whilst stacking
  • Scrunch up newspaper as padding to fill any gaps
  • Stack cups and bowls inside one another with newspaper in between
  • Using bubble wrap, cover no more than four at a time
  • Use plenty of bubble wrap for glasses and if possible use boxes with cardboard dividers

It’s all About the Tape

When sealing boxes, this isn’t a time to skimp! Use good quality brown tape and layers of it! Your valuables are going into storage and the aim is to keep them safe throughout removals.

Empty Space = Potential Breaks

Finally, the best way to ensure the height of safety during removals is to plug any empty spaces within boxes. Linens, towels, newspaper and bubble wrap are all ideal materials, keeping possessions secure for future use. At Bluebox Storage we provide storage solutions in Durham, Teesside, and across the North East.