Our Containers

10ft Storage Container

10ft Storage Container

10ft x 8ft

  • Comparable option to the average small garage/shed
  • Overflow storage facility
  • Ideal for when you are simply running out of space at home
20ft Storage Container

20ft Storage Container

20ft x 8ft

  • Can comfortably fit the contents of your average 2/3 bed home
  • Perfect for storing your valuables whilst you are moving home
  • Our accessible units are ideal for Businesses storing equipment and stock
40ft Storage Container

40ft Storage Container

40ft x 8ft

  • Can comfortably fit the contents of a large 5 bedroom house and garden equipment
  • This much space offers good commercial storage for example large tools and machinery
  • Working on a big project? Our 40ft units are perfect for you

Our Storage Container Prices

Looking for extra space to store your belongings? Whether you're relocating or just need more room, Bluebox Storage offers an affordable solution tailored to your needs.

Our storage units come in various sizes, including 10, 20, and 40 feet, accommodating everything from household furniture to garden tools and large machinery. Rest easy knowing your items are secure and easily accessible at a nearby location in the North East.

Bluebox Storage stands out for its competitive pricing and hassle-free booking process – no deposits required. Plus, we provide a complimentary, top-of-the-line safety padlock to ensure your container is securely locked.

Explore our locations page for details on the nearest self storage facility to you, and for more information about our storage solutions sizes and pricing take a look at our guide below. 


Book Storage With Bluebox Storage

Booking your personalised storage solution with Bluebox Storage is a quick and easy process. Simply get in touch with our dedicated team, who will give you expert advice and guidance, to help you find the storage solution that is right for you at the most competitive price. Check out our FAQs page for more information.

Get in touch using our quick online quote form, or alternatively drop us an email or give us a call on 0800 535 3470