10ft Storage Container

Discover the perfect storage solution with Bluebox Storage's 10ft storage containers. Whether you're downsizing, moving, need extra space or just having an office clear out, our 10ft containers offer a convenient and secure option for storing your belongings.


What Size Is A 10ft Storage Container?

Our 10ft storage containers measure 10 feet in length by 8 feet width, providing ample space to accommodate furniture, household items, appliances and more, making it an ideal choice for versatile and secure storage solutions.

What Fits In Our 10ft Storage Containers?

In a 10ft storage container, you'll be amazed at the versatile storage possibilities. Perfect for individuals and businesses alike, our 10ft containers can accommodate various items. From furniture and household appliances to seasonal decorations and office supplies, you can store it all conveniently and securely. 

Need a temporary home for your belongings during a home move or renovation? Our 10ft containers offer the ideal solution. Refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances can easily find a temporary home in our secure 10ft storage units. Whatever your storage requirements, our 10ft containers offer the flexibility and space to accommodate your items efficiently.

Not sure what size container you need? The friendly and expert Bluebox Storage team can guide you through our different storage solutions and find the container size and hire duration that is personalised to you. 

Why Choose Our 10ft Storage Containers?


Secure Your Belongings

Rest easy knowing your items are protected by our advanced security measures. Bluebox Storage prioritises the safety of your belongings, ensuring round-the-clock protection.

Easy Accessibility

Enjoy unparalleled convenience with 24/7 direct access to your 10ft storage unit. We tailor our services to your schedule, providing access 365 days a year. Your ease of access matters to us.

Flexible and Personalised Rentals

We understand that everyone's storage needs are different. That's why we offer flexible and personalised rental options. Whether you require short-term or long-term hire, our storage solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements.

Affordable Storage Insurance

For your peace of mind, we recommend our affordable storage insurance, starting at just £3.00 per month. This insurance covers your valuables against natural disasters and theft, ensuring your items are protected under all circumstances.

Free Security Padlock

As a valued Bluebox Storage customer, you'll receive a complimentary top-of-the-range padlock to secure your container. We believe in providing you with the best tools to keep your items safe.


Book A Bluebox Storage 10ft Container 

Get in touch with us today to request a quote and secure your 10ft storage container in one of our locations across the North East, including two storage locations in both Darlington and Durham, as well as storage facilities in Grangetown, Stockton, South Shields and Swalwell. Don't miss out on our reliable and secure storage solutions and contact us now, using our quick online enquiry form, by email or why not give us a call on 0800 535 3470. Hassle-free storage for your belongings is just one step away!