Storing furniture can be a necessity during life’s transitions — whether you’re moving, downsizing, or remodelling. Knowing how to choose and utilise furniture storage units can save both money and stress. 

So, where do you start when it comes to furniture storage? 

What can I keep in a storage container rental?

Storage containers are ideal for a variety of items, from clothing to books and documents. However, they are particularly excellent for furniture storage. Whether it’s bulky sofas, delicate antiques, or dining room sets, our containers provide a secure environment that guards against damage. 

It’s important to note that there are some items you can’t keep in your storage unit — for example, perishable food items or hazardous goods. For a full run-down, take a look at our guide to storing your belongings in a rental unit.

When do you need to rent a storage container for your furniture?

There are plenty of reasons to rent a storage container, and furniture can be tricky to store, particularly if you’re experiencing a period of transition. Here are a few scenarios in which you could benefit from furniture storage services. 

  • Home renovations: When large projects require you to clear out rooms or protect soft furnishings from dust and debris.
  • Downsizing: When moving to a smaller property, you may not be ready to part with your furniture completely. A storage unit can provide that all-important floor space so your new home isn’t overloaded.
  • Relocation: Similarly, moving to a new property in another location city might require short-term furniture storage while you settle.
  • House clearance: After clearing a loved one’s house, you may need temporary furniture storage while you decide on a longer-term location or plan.

How long can you keep furniture in storage?

In most cases, your furniture will be safe in your storage unit for a few years — storing it for over one year is considered long-term storage. However, it’s important to prepare your furniture before placing it in a storage unit so you can protect it, 

How to prepare your furniture for storage

It’s important to take steps to protect your furniture from damage while in storage. Although storage units like those at Bluebox Storage  locations are weather-resistant, it’s always best to take precautions to reduce the risk of mould, splitting, and breaking.

  • Proper preparation: Before putting your furniture into storage, clean it thoroughly and apply protective treatments. For instance, leather conditioner, wood polish, and fabric protector spray can improve your furniture’s durability.
  • Disassemble: If possible, dismantle larger items to save space and prevent strain on the furniture.
  • Appropriate covering: It’s also a wise idea to use furniture covers and wrap designed for storage. These will reduce the risk of scratches and keep dust at bay. Remember to use breathable covers, such as cotton sheets, instead of plastic covers which can trap moisture and cause mildew.
  • Regular checks: If you’re storing furniture long-term, we suggest checking on your items periodically to catch any potential issues early, before they lead to damage. It can be helpful to find a furniture storage facility local to you to reduce travel. To find the nearest Bluebox Storage location to you, take a look at our guide to finding the right storage facility in the North East.

From Middlesbrough and Darlington to Stockton, all of our facilities are conveniently located and benefit from 24-hour security for your peace of mind.

How much does it cost to store furniture in storage?

Furniture storage costs vary depending on the size of your unit and how long you rent the container for. Smaller units tend to be more budget-friendly than larger options.

You’ll find most companies operate furniture storage costs by charging a set rate per month. For example, at Bluebox Storage, you can hire a 10ft storage container for a starting price of  £90 per month. Comparable in size to your average small garage or shed, this is a great storage option for keeping the contents of a smaller property safe. 

If you’re in need of something a little bit bigger, our 20ft containers can comfortably accommodate furniture from the average two or three-bedroom house. Prices start at £120 per month for this type of storage unit.

Alternatively, if you need to store a large amount of furniture for a big house move or an office relocation, our 40ft storage containers start at £200 per month and are a helpful choice for both residential and commercial storage needs, starting at £200 per month. 

Learn more about our pricing to find the best furniture storage unit for your budget and belongings. 

Storage solutions with Bluebox Storage

Finding the right storage unit for your furniture can help give you peace of mind knowing your homeware is safe and ready for when you need it again. No matter what timeframe you’re looking at, if you need a flexible, secure furniture storage solution in the North East, explore Bluebox Storage containers in South Shields, Swalwell, Grangetown, and across the region.