From businesses to homeowners, storage container rent is a brilliant way to store your extra stuff. Why? Well, here are just five of the most compelling reasons to rent a container for safe and secure storage, keeping your valuables in tip-top condition.   

Why rent container storage?  

A whopping 1.34 million people currently rent a storage container in the UK. And there are some fantastic reasons why storage container hire fits the bill when you need extra space. 

 Shipping containers are built to withstand anything the weather can throw at them. So they’re a super-strong, secure and pest-proof way to store your possessions. And with everything from a 20ft storage container to a 40ft storage container for rent, you can easily stash anything from household valuables to heavy machinery. 

 Let’s explore the benefits of renting a storage container in more detail.

Make moving a breeze 

Moving home can be incredibly stressful. Maybe your onward chain falls through, and you're left with nowhere to move to. Or your moving dates don't align, and you need temporary storage. No matter if your sale gets delayed or disrupted, storing the contents of your home couldn't be easier with container storage hire. 

For example, our 20ft storage container can comfortably store the contents of a 2-3 bed home or the average office. Handy if you're moving in together and have two houses to consolidate. You can store any duplicate items for safekeeping, so you always have a replacement.  

Free up space at home  

Rent a storage container, and you'll have plenty of space to store all the accumulated clutter over the years. All those clothes, books and knick-knacks you can't bear to part with can be safely stored while you decide what to do with them.  

Renting a storage unit lets you declutter your home and create more space without letting go of cherished memories. And if you decide to downsize, container storage hire is the best way to store your stuff until you decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 

Did you know that the number one reason to rent a container for storage is when a relative passes away and you need to clear their home? A 10ft storage unit can be ideal for securely storing family heirlooms and pieces of furniture with sentimental value. When you finally feel ready to go through them, they'll be waiting for you in pristine condition.  

Make renovation stress-free 

Another great reason to rent container storage is when you’re having building work done. Rent a storage container, and you can keep your belongings out of harm's way while your builders get on with the job in an uncluttered environment.  

Construction dust can play havoc with delicate fabrics or your appliances. When dust sheets aren’t enough to keep your possessions safe, why not rent a storage container? You'll have peace of mind, and the rest of your home remains uncluttered. Even better, your builders can carry out renovation work quickly without working around your furniture.  

Store garden tools or heavy machinery 

 Love your garden but don't have space for a shed? Plastic storage boxes and covers for your BBQ may not provide the protection you need against the British weather. So, a 10ft storage container could be just what you need. About the size of a small shed or garage, it's the ideal size to store all your garden tools and outdoor furniture. And you'll have peace of mind knowing your investment in your outdoor space is well protected. And everything will be just as you left it for next summer. 

 But on-site storage container rental hire isn’t just for domestic use. A 40ft storage container for rent is an excellent size for commercial storage. And with our state-of-the-art security, you can rest easy knowing your tools and machinery are well protected.  

Protect your vehicles  

You may be a flat dweller with no garage or parking space. Or perhaps your home only has on-street parking, and you can't always park right outside. It's good to know that container storage hire works for your vehicles, too. 

 A small storage unit is the ideal place to look after your weekend motorbike, scooter or other seasonal vehicles. You'll enjoy ideal dry and secure storage when it turns cold, wet and icy. And whenever the weather is good, you'll have 24/7 access so you can take it for a spin. If you need secure parking, your own storage unit is the best way to know your leisure and work vehicles are locked up tight when not in use.  

Rent shipping container storage from Bluebox Storage 

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At Bluebox Storage, we have a solid reputation for safe and secure storage solutions, so you can trust us with your most precious possessions. Want to know how much it costs to rent a storage container? If you have any queries, get in touch with the Bluebox Storage team today and receive a personalised quote.