Whether you’re a sole trader looking to store stock for an eCommerce shop or your company’s office isn’t quite spacious enough for all your business documents, a self-storage unit might be just what you need. 

Renting a storage unit can be an excellent way for small and medium-sized businesses to stay organised and clutter-free. But is a self-storage container the right choice for you? Let’s explore the benefits so you can decide if a storage unit is the solution for your business. 

The benefits of business self-storage units

So, what are the advantages of renting a storage container for your business stock, paperwork, or equipment?

Additional space

Perhaps the most obvious perk of renting a storage container for your business is the additional space it provides. Business storage units from Bluebox Storage are available in a range of sizes, from space-efficient 10ft containers to ample 40ft units. 

These provide plenty of room to store your business stock. And with the right size storage container, you can keep stock clean, safe, and secure until you’re ready to ship it to customers or move it to your shop or commercial space. 

Business storage units can also be handy for keeping documents, office furniture, and other items organised when not in direct use.

A cost-effective solution

Renting studios, offices, and warehouses can soon add up. For many start-ups and small businesses, the prospect of covering these rental costs can seem daunting. 

Storage units, on the other hand, are an affordable alternative — they provide a cost-effective way to increase your space. With Bluebox Storage, you can rent a 10ft by 8ft storage container for as little as £90 per month. 

For a bit more room, explore our 20ft options. With space to fit the contents of the average two - to three-bedroom house, these are ideal for storing business stock and equipment. Take a look at our prices page for more information. 


Self-storage units also offer the chance to scale your space as your business grows. Need more room? Switch to a larger storage unit. Our 40ft storage containers are ideal for commercial goods. 

Whether you fill the space with shelving units for smaller products or use the unit for large furniture and machinery items, these offer flexibility and ample room at an excellent price. 

Secure storage 

In addition, when you opt to rent a business storage unit, you can have peace of mind knowing your stock and equipment will be safe. Not only are shipping containers durable and weatherproof, but they also come with security measures.

When you rent business storage containers from us, you’ll receive a complimentary padlock and will benefit from CCTV monitoring, day and night. From Darlington to Middlesbrough, all of our locations are set up in well-lit areas and feature state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance with 24/7 coverage.

Storage insurance is also a vital part of keeping your business stock safe and secure. Comprehensive self-storage insurance protects your items against an array of unfortunate circumstances, including flooding and fire. For more details on insuring your Bluebox Storage unit, please take a look at our insurance terms and conditions page


Another advantage of choosing a storage unit for your small business stock is the convenience of anytime access. Whether you need to do a late-night inventory check or load up products to head to your shop in the early hours, you can come and go as suits your needs. 

Which businesses benefit most from storage units?

Plenty of businesses could benefit from a long term self-storage unit. We’ve already briefly looked at the benefits for eCommerce businesses and retailers, but self-storage containers can also be a helpful choice for those in other industries. 

For instance, construction companies can safely store heavy equipment and valuable materials in their unit. 

If you’re a freelancer — especially an artist or creative — you can use a small business storage container to hold your supplies and materials, keeping them safe and organised. 

It’s also worth noting that storage units can be handy when you’re downsizing. Perhaps your company is moving to a smaller office and you need a temporary solution to store your items until you can sell or get rid of them.

Business storage solutions from Bluebox Storage

Storage units are an ideal solution for small businesses looking for an extra bit of space at a low price. With a robust storage container from Bluebox Storage, your company can enjoy a safe and organised area to store everything from stock and documents to office furniture. 

Find your nearest location and explore our range of business storage units, across the North East. We have locations in Darlington, Swalwell, and Grangetown, among others. Any questions? Feel free to get in touch to speak with one of our expert team members, who will be able to provide you with a storage quote tailored to your requirements.