You may wish to rent a long-term storage unit when moving house, travelling, or carrying out extensive home refurbishments. In these scenarios, long-term storage solutions offer peace of mind as well as a safe place to keep your belongings until you need them again. 

If long-term storage is something you require, it’s important to be prepared before your rental term begins. With this in mind, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about storing your belongings for a long period with the help of a storage unit.

The benefits of renting a long-term storage unit

While some homeowners or students may benefit from short-term storage solutions, we understand you might require a more permanent storage space. 

At Bluebox Storage, we’re proud to offer storage spaces available for long-term rentals — as well as short-term, flexible storage — to satisfy every individual and their needs. But why might long-term storage be a good solution?

Benefits of renting a storage unit long-term

  • It’s a chance to de-clutter your property of things you still want to keep but don’t have room for indoors.
  • It allows you to sort through your belongings at your own pace, keeping your items safe until you decide you no longer need them.
  • It’s an effective way to keep your stuff out of harm’s way when moving house or completing a renovation. Say goodbye to dust sheets and hello to protected furniture and appliances.
  • It’s an opportunity to safely store large, bulky items like vehicles, motorbikes, tools, and machinery. Protect your equipment in a dry, secure storage unit when it turns cold and icy — ideal if you’re a flat dweller with no garage or parking space. 
  • You can enjoy flexibility. Our storage units are easily accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Popped something into the unit that you need? No worries — simply visit your chosen Bluebox Storage location to retrieve it.

How to prepare for long-term storage

Once you’ve decided that a long-term storage unit is the best choice for you, it’s time to get into the specifics.

Choose the right storage unit size 

We offer three storage unit options — let’s take a closer look at their differences to help you decide which one is the best fit for you.

  • 10ft storage containers: Our 10ft storage containers can be compared to the size of a small garage or shed. Ideal for long-term storage of books, clothes, and Christmas decorations, this size storage unit is a great choice for many homeowners. It’s the go-to option if you’re simply running out of space at home.
  • 20ft storage containers: If you’re going away travelling for a while, our 20ft storage container may be just what you’re looking for, comfortably fitting the contents of an average two-to-three bedroom home. It provides generous space for furniture, appliances, documents and office supplies, garden tools, and even a car if you wish. It’s the ultimate long-term storage solution — perfect for homeowners and businesses alike.
  • 40ft storage containers: Our 40ft storage containers are the largest long-term storage units we have available, fitting comfortably the contents of a large five-bedroom home. We recommend this storage unit size if you’re looking to store machinery, large tools, and bulky equipment for the foreseeable future. 

Take the right security measures

At Bluebox Storage, we take the security of your belongings extremely seriously. It’s something we don’t want you to worry about when you rent a long-term storage unit with us. So, what measures do we take?


Our shipping containers are designed to be secure and theft-resistant, fitted with strong locking mechanisms. You’ll also get a complimentary padlock to secure your items when renting a unit with us.


What’s more, we also have fully monitored CCTV working across all of our storage locations, ensuring the safety of your belongings and your peace of mind.

Storage insurance?

It’s important to note that when you use our shipping containers for long-term storage, you must take out storage insurance to cover your belongings. Unfortunately, your home insurance won’t extend to the storage unit as your belongings will be off-property. However, we offer affordable storage insurance at a small additional cost.


Our units are weather resistant and constructed to withstand typical weather conditions during transportation, including rain and saltwater exposure. Your belongings will be dry, safe, and secure within your chosen storage unit.

Be aware of what you can and can’t put into storage

If long-term storage is an option for you, it can be convenient to put bigger items into one of our storage containers. 

You’re more than welcome to store vehicles (excluding non-road legal bikes or quad bikes), furniture, sports equipment, gardening tools, and machinery as long as it is licenced and legal.

Take a look at our FAQs or our guide to storing bulky items for more tips on moving large items safely.

Protect and pack your items responsibly

It is your responsibility to protect and pack your items as safely and effectively as possible before putting them into storage. With this in mind, stock up on sturdy and durable packing materials to ensure your belongings are protected for the long term.

Plan a check-back 

Once your belongings have been secured and shut away in the unit, visit again in a few months. While you won’t find your belongings have grown legs and run away, you may wish to check back on everything, ensuring it’s all secure for your peace of mind.

Find a long-term storage solution with Bluebox Storage

Take a look at the cost of our long-term storage units, and feel free to browse our FAQs for any further information. If you feel that long-term storage is the solution for you and your property, take a look at our locations to find your nearest Bluebox Storage site. 

From Middlesbrough and Darlington to Stockton, we offer long-term storage solutions tailored to you. Get in touch to learn more and book your storage unit.