Renting a storage container is hands down the best way to simplify your life. That’s a bold claim. But renting a storage unit can help you fight the clutter, store your inventory and more. Even better, the cost of renting a storage unit makes it a viable choice for everyone, from students and homeowners to businesses

When should you consider renting storage space? The answers might surprise you. 

Student flexibility  

Bikes, books, and personal possessions — student life is full of stuff that needs secure storage. Renting out storage space is a great way to ensure your belongings are safe while transitioning between flats, studying, or travelling.  

If you want to avoid moving your stuff back to your parent's house every time you move or take a break, renting storage space is an ideal solution. And with 24/7 access, our storage containers can even act as a place to keep your bike or sports gear.  

Moving house storage 

Moving house can be incredibly stressful. So, if you're considering relocating to the North East, now could be the time to look at storage for moving house.  

It makes sense, no matter if you're decluttering before the big day or want to take your time moving in. You may have already sold your property and are looking for your forever home. Or you could be relocating for work or moving overseas and need to scope out the area before you get settled. Whatever your situation, renting temporary storage before moving house is a cost-effective solution. 

Finally, please don't take it for granted that your move will go smoothly. Always have a Plan B to fall back on if the chain breaks down and you're left in the lurch.  

Straightforward renovations  

Renovation work needn’t lead to a massive upheaval. Renting storage space means you can move your furniture temporarily while the builders get on with the job. They'll thank you for uncluttered access to their workspace. And you'll benefit from getting the job done fast. As an added benefit, you can protect your valuables from dust and debris.  

Seamless downsizing  

Empty nesters often feel the need to downsize and declutter. Renting storage units is an ideal way to store the furniture and belongings you don’t need until you decide what to do with them.  

If you decide to sell, you’ll have a neutral space that avoids inviting strangers into your home. If you’re undecided whether you’ll need extra beds, chairs, or tables in the future, renting storage containers will keep your possessions secure and watertight. Then, if you move to a larger property again, they'll be ready and waiting for you.  

Secure job site storage 

Renting out storage units isn’t just for individuals. Construction companies often hire multiple containers for storage, from 20ft units for electrical trades to 40ft units for larger tools and machinery.  

Our shipping containers are weatherproof and vandal-proof.  So you can store the fixtures and fittings you need for your next job, and they’ll be ready and waiting for you in pristine condition. If you want to earn a reputation for finishing your work ahead of schedule, consider renting storage units for your business.  

Extra office space

Keeping your office clutter-free can be a considerable challenge. And when you need to keep paper records for legal compliance, you risk drowning in files and folders. The versatility of storage containers really comes into its own when you need additional room. 

But storage containers aren’t just for paperwork and storing inventory. Renting a storage unit can ease the pressure on a cramped workspace. When refurbishing your office, you can store papers, furniture, and equipment in dry and watertight conditions. Renting storage containers can help out when you're relocating, allowing you to store office supplies while moving into your new premises.  

Temporary garden shed 

We all have stuff that belongs outside but needs weatherproof storage. And renting a storage container can make a fantastic temporary garden shed. A 10ft storage container has all the space the average family needs for storing bikes, sports equipment and garden equipment. If your hobbies require plenty of equipment, you can securely store your fishing or cycling gear and access it when needed. 

Our bigger storage units are ideal for outdoor sports businesses that need secure storage for everything from kayaks to kite surfers. For companies with a seasonal footprint, renting storage units can be highly beneficial. Your unit is monitored 24/7, and you'll have peace of mind knowing your equipment will be in perfect condition when you start your business up again in the spring. 

Rent a storage container with Bluebox Storage  

At Bluebox Storage, we provide high-quality self-storage solutions across the North East including Darlington, Swalwell, and Grangetown. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we make renting a storage container easy with our personalised storage solutions. Contact the Bluebox Storage team today to rent secure storage near you.