Moving to a new home can be the start of a new adventure. But it's also one of the most stressful things you can do. Packing up your possessions is a huge task, so our moving home packing tips can help to make it stress-free. With careful organisation, the right packing materials, and our top tips for moving home, you can enjoy a smooth transition to your new house.

Moving home packing tips

Packing early means fewer things to worry about when the big day arrives. Start with spaces like the spare room, shed, and loft so no Christmas ornaments get left behind. Then, you’ll feel ready to tackle the more lived-in areas. 

 It’s a good idea to start packing before you get a removal estimate. That way, your quote will be accurate, and you won’t be in for any nasty surprises! 

Once you’re ready to start loading your items into boxes, take note of these handy moving home packing tips: 

Don’t move everything

Now’s the time to reassess all your stuff and decide whether it has a place in your new home. If you’re moving in together, keep any duplicate items in a storage container and make use of a secure storage unit to safeguard any precious items.  

Box everything

It can be tempting to load clothes, bedding, and other items into bags. However, not only are boxes easier for your removal team to handle, but they're also easier to store if you're not moving into a new home immediately. Plus, you won't lose any random bits and pieces if they're safely boxed. 

It’s helpful to stock up on boxes of different sizes, including archive boxes for files and books.

Label everything

It might sound obvious, but arm yourself with a permanent marker pen and write down what’s in the box and where it’s going. It only takes seconds as you go along, and you’ll save plenty of hassle when unpacking. Otherwise, you could use a simple colour code to save time. And don’t forget to mark anything fragile to avoid heartache when unpacking.  

Flaptpack everything

If you can, dismantle any large pieces of furniture. There’s nothing worse than getting to your new home and finding that your sofa won’t fit through the door. Put any screws and bolts in freezer bags for safekeeping. If you have large pieces you can’t bear to part with, store them for your next move up the housing ladder!  

Essentials are everything

Don’t forget to pack your survival kit with everything you’ll need on the day, including your kettle, phone chargers and a bottle of something to celebrate.  

Tips when moving into a new home  

With so much to think about, preparation is one of our top home moving tips. The more you can plan, the smoother your move will be.  

Choose your move date 

Completion might be just days away. But choosing a moving date can be more of an issue. Whatever the date you decide, check availability well in advance and prepare to be flexible. You might have to move two days later than planned, but you’ll still get the keys in your hand. 

Create a room plan  

Picture your new home and draw up a room plan. Your seller should be able to provide accurate room sizes. Then, measure up your furniture and decide where everything will go. Plan to visit the property to double-check your measurements, then devise a plan for your movers. 

Think logistically 

It’s well worth taking the time to look at the logistics of your move. In fact, it’s one of our top tips on moving home when you need everything to be plain sailing. Talk to your sellers about any last-minute questions. Scout out any possible problems like narrow access routes well in advance. And make sure you have more than one set of keys so your move doesn't become a nightmare passing keys between you and your chosen removals company. 

Use self-storage  

Finding yourself in a sea of boxes can seem overwhelming. So, instead of moving all at once, put some of your boxes in storage while you get sorted. This step-by-step approach is one of our favourite moving home packing tips for staying cool and calm in the chaos. And if you want to avoid paying over the top for removals, it makes it easier to move home yourself. 

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