What is storage insurance?

Storage insurance is a special type of contents insurance. It gives your belongings extra protection when you are storing your items away from your home. It is Industry standard to ensure that your belongings are covered with storage insurance.

Do I need storage insurance?

At Bluebox Storage we operate from highly secure premises and use state of the art CCTV to ensure your valuables are always kept safe.

Effective of the 1st March 2024, it is now mandatory for all Bluebox Storage customers to have their unit contents insured.

What are the benefits of storage insurance? 

Having comprehensive storage contents insurance not only offers you added protection against potential losses, due to unforseen circumstances like flooding or fire, but also grants you peace of mind, knowing that the value of your possessions is safeguarded.

In the unfortunate event of any unforeseen circumstances, having insurance coverage will enable you to recover and replace your items without financial burden.

Are my belongings in storage covered by my home insurance? 

No, your belongings in any of our Bluebox Storage locations are not covered by your home insurance, as your belongings are "offsite" and are not secured within your own home. 

If I do not take out storage insurance, are my belongings protected?

In simple terms, no. If you do not take self storage insurance with Bluebox Storage or another provider, your belongings kept in our storage locations are not covered.

How much does storage insurance cost?

It's not a secret that arranging your storage, packing/unpacking and transporting goods can be a stressful task and insurance may be the last thing you think about. Our team have sourced and negotiated an extremely competitive price with our insurance provider so that we can arrange your insurance cover for you, just tell us what you need, and we can do the rest.

Bluebox Storage Contents Insurance 

If you do not have storage insurance, then don’t worry, our insurance provider offer the best value for money for our customers. We have partnered with a reputable insurance provider, ensuring that your belongings are covered whilst kept in storage. Here are just some of the reasons why taking out contents insurance is the best choice for your belongings: 

1. Our friendly, expert team will arrange your storage hire and insurance.

2. We auto renew your policy for you, meaning that you don't have to worry about your storage insurance expiring.

3. Storage insurance terms & conditions documents are automatically emailed to you when you have taken out a policy with Bluebox Storage.

4. Competitive pricing, starting at just £5.00pcm.

5. 50% discount when you pay annually.

6. In the incident that you need to make a claim, our staff will liaise with the insurance company on your behalf.

In order for us to give you an accurate quote to insure your valuables, please get in touch with the team and advise the value of your goods inside your unit and they will provide a quick, no obligation quote.

As we do not keep record of exactly what you store with us, we are therefore unable to cover all of your belongings with our company insurance policy as we are unaware of the replacement value of the goods stored.

If you do not wish to take out cover with us, it is mandatory that you find insurance cover that is similar and we that ask you provide a proof of policy number/document.

If you have taken out your own policy since joining with us, your policy documentation must be forwarded to so that we can add the policy to your rental contract.

Please note, that it is your responsibility to ensure the documentation is kept up to date and forwarded across to us when it has been renewed.

We are confident our prices are extremely competitive however if you find a cheaper quote, we can price match to save you the leg work.

If it's worth storing, it's worth insuring!

Already insured with us? You'll find a copy of our Storage Insurance Terms and Conditions online. 

Our Storage Insurance Prices

Value of Goods Monthly Price

50% Off Annual Price

(when paid up front)

£1,000 £5 -
£2,000 £7 -
£3,000 £9 -
£4,000 £12 £72
£5,000 £15 £90
£6,000 £18 £108
£7,000 £21 £126
£8,000 £24 £144
£9,000 £27 £162
£10,000 £30 £180
£11,000 £33 £198
£12,000 £36 £216
£13,000 £39 £234
£14,000 £42 £252
£15,000 £45 £270
£16,000 £48 £288
£17,000 £51 £306
£18,000 £54 £324
£19,000 £57 £342
£20,000 £60 £360

(Up to max cover level of £50,000)


Book Storage Insurance with Bluebox Storage

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