What is Storage Insurance?

Storage insurance is a special type of contents insurance. It gives your belongings extra protection when you are storing your items away from your home. It is Industry standard to ensure that your belongings are covered with storage insurance.

Do I Need Self Storage Insurance?

At Bluebox Storage we operate from highly secure premises and use state of the art CCTV to ensure your valuables are always kept safe. We do however highly recommend purchasing storage insurance as this takes every eventuality into account. Insurance is available for both business and residential storage and we’re here to help arrange your cover.

If I do not take out Storage Insurance, are my belongings protected?

In simple terms, no. Our company insurance policy provides our customers limited cover to a certain extent. Your belongings are your responsibility.

As we do not keep record of exactly what you store with us, we are therefore unable to cover all of your belongings with our company insurance policy as we are unaware of the replacement value of the goods stored.

If you do not wish to take out cover with us, we strongly suggest that you find cover that is similar and we kindly ask you to provide a proof of policy number/document.

We are confident our prices are extremely competitive however if you find a cheaper quote, we can price match to save you the leg work.

If it's worth storing, it's worth insuring!

Already insured with us? You'll find a copy of our Storage Insurance Terms and Conditions online. 

How much does Storage Insurance cost?

It's not a secret that arranging your storage, packing/unpacking and transporting goods can be a stressful task and insurance may be the last thing you think about. Our team have sourced and negotiated an extremely competitive price with our insurance provider so that we can arrange your insurance cover for you, just tell us what you need, and we can do the rest.


Value of Goods Monthly Price

50% Off Annual Price

(when paid up front)

£1,000 £3 -
£2,000 £6 -
£3,000 £9 -
£4,000 £12 £72
£5,000 £15 £90
£6,000 £18 £108
£7,000 £21 £126
£8,000 £24 £144
£9,000 £27 £162
£10,000 £30 £180
£11,000 £33 £198
£12,000 £36 £216
£13,000 £39 £234
£14,000 £42 £252
£15,000 £45 £270
£16,000 £48 £288
£17,000 £51 £306
£18,000 £54 £324
£19,000 £57 £342
£20,000 £60 £360

(Up to max cover level of £50,000)


Book Storage Insurance with Bluebox Storage

Make life simple, by storing your belongings and insuring your items with Bluebox Storage

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