Moving house is seen to be one of the most stressful milestones in a person’s life, however, in a global pandemic stress levels could be heightened.

As you’re still allowed to move home during the pandemic, you’re told by the government to refrain from asking anyone outside of your household or support bubble to help you unless absolutely necessary. To keep you and your family safe during the uncertainty of these times you must take precautions to make sure your move is as safe as possible.

The coronavirus pandemic has layered everything when it comes to our way of living. The government are hoping to relax lockdown measures which should allow people the ability to view houses and go back to some sort of normality. The housing market has remained open during this national lockdown, meaning that you’re allowed to look for potential homes and continue with planned moves.

Hidden Problems to Consider When Moving

Although the government are allowing moves to go ahead all home viewing is online or using the correct personal protective equipment on some sites. People who’ve moved during lockdown have particularly found it hard to hire professionals such as floor fitters/carpet fitters, painters and decorators, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, removal/moving companies, etc. overall the actual moving itself doesn’t seem to be the problem but hiring tradesmen to be able to move into your new home is proven quite difficult and can be very frustrating. For tips around reducing stress and anxiety during your move take a look at our top tips on reducing anxiety while moving home.

Even shopping for furniture and décor, things that would be a straightforward process are now much harder to gain. There are much more obstacles in your way now, but it doesn’t mean we need to put our lives on hold and people should be able to still move home during these times despite the difficulties in their way.

Legal Aspects of Moving home

Moving home means dealing with solicitors, banks, and estate agents. The process of dealing with solicitors and estate agents is already a lengthy process so during this time it will But having national and local lockdowns means that these businesses have been opening and closing and not working to the usual capacity they would have had we not been going through a pandemic. This being said the process of gaining a mortgage and dealing with other employers to make sure this goes smoothly will be much harder to do and won’t be as available. The process is now much harder and taking a lot longer and with certain restrictions making it a lot more difficult.

Tips for Safely Packing up your home

It’s fair to say the majority of people don’t particularly enjoy packing. Even when it comes to packing your suitcase for a holiday that you can’t wait for. The actual process of packing can be quite challenging if not organised efficiently. Hopefully, these tips help make the mammoth task of packing a little bit easier for you.

Firstly start by wrapping all valuables in protective materials such as bubble wrap and strong tape, to refrain from any breakages. Perhaps consider portable wardrobe carriers for your clothes too.

Secondly, don’t close a box before adding a label. Labelled boxes ensure order and make unpacking a breeze. This is an easy way to maintain organisation and reduce stress levels when it comes to the big day.

Thirdly, declutter whilst you’re packing. Moving home is a perfect time to declutter and get rid of any unwanted household items. Perhaps try giving old goods to charity if they’re still good quality. Or even recycle anything that you’re able to do so. Find more detailed tips regarding decluttering your home with our top ten decluttering tips.

Lastly, use a professional packaging service, this is always an option allowing someone else to take care of the packaging for you. Overall reducing the possibility of leaving items behind. Also hiring a storage company to look after your household items until the moving day could really reduce stress due to moving.

Storage Hire with Bluebox Storage

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